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Moeyungyi Wetlands

About 70 miles north of Yangon you will find the Moeyungyi Wetlands, a vital shelter for both resident and migratory waterfowl. In 1878 a water storage reservoir was constructed in the area and over a period of many years the reservoir changed gradually, but naturally, into wetlands it is today. Every year, millions of birds fly from the northern hemisphere to the south along the East Asian Australian Flyway to escape the northern winter. Most have to stop en route and many choose the peaceful reserve. A census at Moeyungyi revealed that there are 125 species of water birds including 70 species of migrants.

It is approximately three hours drive from Yangon. Moeyungyi Wetlands Resort Hotel is situated right on the edge of Moeyungyi Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a convenient place to make an overnight stop for a dedicated bird watching trip or on the way to or from Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) Pagoda. The Wetlands is best visited in the winter season from November through March. In addition to bird watching, you can observe the fauna and flora of the wetlands.

Travellers can witness the typical Myanmar countryside life at nearby villages - fishing and duck breeding at Pyun Chaung village; rice cultivation in the paddy field (still using manual labour and water buffalos) at Inn Daing Su Village and hundreds of water buffalo enjoying their bath time in the muddy waters. This trip is not just for “twitchers”, it gives a good overview in to local life that has been unchanged in many years!

Moeyungyi Wetlands Hotels

Moeyungyi Wetlands Resort Hotel Moeyungyi Wetlands

This great little resort was originally set up for researchers but has now become a firm favourite for bird watchers and tourists just wanting to see something of the nature of Myanmar. The resort is...

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