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Damaraland is characterised by flat-topped mountains, wild-sculpted sandstone cliffs, broad valleys and dry riverbeds that carve their way through the deep gorges and ancient geological features indicating a wetter past. 

Today, the rivers – mainly the Huab, Ugab, Uniab and Koigab – flow only sporadically; their riverbeds are ribbon-like oases that push through the most desolate of terrains, the underground water and tree-lined courses allowing even large species like arid-adapted elephant and giraffe to roam the seemingly inhospitable desert and semi-desert. 

The area boasts a variety of attractions ranging from fascinating geological formations to unique vegetation and the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Namibia, Twyfelfontein. This collection of ancient rock art is the largest in Southern Africa.   

Away from the river lines are vast open plains that in good rainfall years are covered by annual grasses, attracting hers of specialist arid antelope such as gemsbok and springbok. The seemingly barren surrounds, the very low human population density, and the inspirational attitude of rural communities to ‘their’ wild animals make Damaraland a critically important area for Namibia. 


Damaraland Hotels

$$$$ Damaraland Camp Damaraland

Remote Location

Situated in the Huab River Valley, Damaraland Camp offers endless vistas across stark desert plains, ancient valleys and soaring peaks of the Brandberg Mountains.  Owned and largely run by the local...

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$$$$ Desert Rhino Camp Damaraland

Remote Location

Desert Rhino Camp is nestled amongst the rolling, rocky hills of the Palmwag Concession and offers an original and exclusive wilderness experience with the possibility of seeing some of the largest...

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$$$$ Doro Nawas Camp Damaraland

Remote Location

Doro Nawas Camp rests on the edge of the dry Hba-Huab river overlooking the ancient plains within the Doro !Nawas Conservancy in central Damaraland. Commanding spectacular views of the Etendeka...

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