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Skeleton Coast National Park

The ‘Skeleton Coast’ is renowned for being isolated, inhospitable and steeped in a spooky history. Over the years, many ships have run aground on this coast and these ships or ‘skeletons’ can still be seen lying deserted and corroding along the beaches forming a dramatic landscape. Surprisingly, this desolate coastline is teaming with wildlife – huge numbers of Cape fur seals, seabirds and predators can be found.  

The Skeleton Coast National Park is relatively inaccessible and runs along the northern coastal area of Namibia, from Swakopmund to the Angolan border. The southern section of the Park stretches from Swakopmund to the Ugab River and is accessible to self-driving visitors with a permit. The northern and most remote section of the park can only be accessed by fly-in safari operators. 


Skeleton Coast National Park Hotels

$$$$ Serra Cafema Camp Skeleton Coast National Park


Serra Cafema is located in the extreme north-west of Namibia on the banks of the Kunene River in the Hartman Valley. Undoubtedly one of the most remote camps in southern Africa, Serra Cafema is an...

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$$$$ Hoanib Skeleton Coast Skeleton Coast National Park

In a remote area of the Kaokoveld, with gravel-strewn plains and dry riverbeds that draw fascinating wildlife, lies Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp. Game drives explore this isolated area, moving along...

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