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  • Fish River Canyon Park
  • Fish River Canyon Park
  • Fish River Canyon Park
  • Fish River Canyon Park


Fish River Canyon Park

Known for its outstanding natural scenery with panoramic views out over the Great Fish River, the Great Fish River Nature Reserve is home to one of South Africa's largest populations of Black Rhinoceros, located 200 kilometres from Port Elizabeth.

While there is abundant wildlife in the game reserve, the highlight has to be the incredible, dramatic, constantly changing scenery. The view out across the Great Fish River is spectacular.

Visitors will enjoy different activities ranging from bird watching to hiking the numerous trails and taking in the sights at the Adam Krantz viewpoint. 

The reserve has a vibrant history, and there is an option to take an educational tour to visit a number of the San Rock Art sites,  stopping for a picnic providing the ideal opportunity to take in your surroundings and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature. 


Fish River Canyon Park Hotels

$$$ Canyon Lodge Fish River Canyon Park

It is nestled between rounded granite boulders, Canyon Lodge's quaint century-old farmhouse reception, verdant garden and cooling pond invite and welcome you into the enchanted enclave. The neighing...

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$$$ Fish River Lodge Fish River Canyon Park

Fish River Lodge has been built in harmony with its stark, striking surroundings. Completed in 2009, all the buildings that make up the lodge pay tribute to the fantastic landscape, offering...

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