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Wildlife of Namibia - Namibia

Namibia’s maze of national parks, reserves and community conservancies makes up an impressive 20% of the country, providing many pristine areas for unrivalled wildlife observation. 
Out of the country’s total mammal fauna of over 200 species – a diverse range from plains zebra to lion – at least 15 are currently regarded as endemic: the dune hairy-footed gerbil is entirely restricted to the Namib, and Hartmann’s mountain zebra, Damara dik-dik, blackfaced impala and the rock-loving dassie rat all have 75% or more of their population occurring solely in Namibia.

However, the most unique and eye-catching must be the assemblage of arid-adapted species or subspecies found here. These include the likes of the acclaimed ‘desert elephants’, suricates (meerkats), Cape and bat-eared fox, short-eared elephant-shrew, striped tree squirrel, Grant’s golden mole, secretive brown hyaena, 40% of Africa’s cheetah population, specialist antelope such as gemsbok and springbok, and the largest free-ranging population of black rhino on the continent.