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Termit Massif Reserve

The Termit Massif Total Reserve located in the southeast of Niger established in January 1962, covers an area of 100,000 square kilometres, comprising the entire stretch of Termit Massif and Tin Toumma desert, making it the largest protected area in Africa, providing habitat for many critically endangered species. Prominent among them is the addax antelope, one of the rarest and most endangered species on earth, and is red-listed as "Critically Endangered". 

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the biodiversity value of the Termit Massif and the surrounding Saharan Desert and the cultural importance of its archaeological sites, thirty species of mammals, several species of reptiles and more than one hundred and fifty species of birds, are among the bird species.

The rugged Sahel highlands on the south of the Saharan desert are known for their endangered antelope populations. Termit has both desert and mountain terrain.