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  • Jebel Samhan
  • Jebel Samhan
  • Jebel Samhan


Jebel Samhan

Remote Jebel Samhan towers over the eastern portion of the Salalah Plain and is riddled with limestone caves and sinkholes, traversed by deep and narrow mountain passes, some of which are up to a thousand feet deep. The desolate flat top of the Jebel is home to one of the last refuges for wild Arabian leopards. Now critically endangered, this magnificent animal is protected in a vast sanctuary.

In addition to the Arabian leopards are many other mammals native to these mountains, including the Arabian Gazelle, the fox and the Nubian goat anS different plant species such as acacia and frankincense trees grow. Take a drive to the stunning 1300m-high viewpoint on the edge of the reserve, offering an exceptional coastal panorama.


Jebel Samhan Hotels

$$$ Al Baleed Resort Salalah Jebel Samhan


Located between a private beach and freshwater lagoon, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara celebrates cultural treasures, while being the first and only luxury pool villa resort among Salalah hotels...

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$$ Souly Ecolodge Jebel Samhan


Founded in 2015 as “Souly Camp”, at the beginning the Lodge was composed of only a few traditional Bedouin tents for guests’ excursions. Step by step all beachside bungalows were built, and since...

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