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  • Masirah Island
  • Masirah Island
  • Masirah Island


Masirah Island

Remote Masirah Island known for its unique natural wealth, remains mostly off the tourist radar. The largest settlement is the city of Marsaïs famous as a large textile centre where you will discover several high quality but inexpensive historical textile manufactories.

Visit the unique Wildlife Museum, whose rich exposition is dedicated to the local flora and fauna. The museum is also home to four species of rare sea turtles, as well as more than 300 species of birds. A rich collection of seashells solely occupies one of its halls. 

Visit the western part of the island home to many species of birdlife, including graceful flamingos, and fearsome predators.

For the beach lover, there are various water sports to enjoy or go diving on the island’s beautiful coral reefs. Alternatively, take a drive up to Mount Madrub the highest point on the island a little over 256 meters, opening into a chic panoramic view of the surroundings of unspoiled coastline and golden beaches.


Masirah Island Hotels

$$$ Masira Island Resort Masirah Island

The Masirah Island Resort represents a combination of luxury and magnificent landscape, woven together creating a harmonious environment and memorable scenes. Known for its wildlife and miles of...

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