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Tiwi village is a quiet fishing community known for its Archeological site and is protected by a harbour wall and a sleepy main street designed for goats and stray donkeys. Wadi Tiwi is magnificent with lush plantations, and palm trees and overgrowth flanking a gorgeous pool near Mibam village as the wadi bends onto the cliffs. Combine this with a tremendous off-road driving experience with what they call, wadi-scrambling-on-foot to reach the pools for a well-earned swim.

Tiwi Hotels

$$ Sama Wadi Shab Resort Tiwi

Wadi Shab also spelled Wadi Shaab, is a very popular wadi located in the Al Sharqiyah Region in Oman. It is a very popular outdoor attraction for both locals and expats, and people come here for the...

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