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Jericho is a green oasis in the Jordan Valley located 30km east of Jerusalem, 7km west of the River Jordan, and 10km north of the Dead Sea, lies 260 meters below sea level, making it the lowest town on earth.

The town is the oldest continuously inhabited in the world, dating back 10,000 years. Jericho and its surrounding areas overflow with religious, archeological, and natural treasures. Just outside the city, adventurous and eco-loving travellers enjoy hikes in Wadi Qelt and take time to pay a visit to the Church of St. George in Kosiba.

Inside its walls, visitors can tour the ancient remains of Hisham’s Palace and Tel Es-Sultan. Overlooking the town is the Mount of Temptation. Ride the cable car to the summit and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Jericho and the desert in the serenity of the mountaintop. The Dead Sea is just a few kilometres away, where visitors take pleasure in a dip in the saltiest body of the water in the world.


Jericho Hotels

$$ Al Baiara Resort Jericho

Al Baiara (meaning “the Farm” in Arabic) Resort is a brand new country-style resort that aims at providing a beautiful green, clean, and safe environment for visitors and families to spend their...

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