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Mountain biking in the Andes

The Peruvian highlands lend themselves to wonderful mountain biking, the perfect way to leave the tour buses behind and spend an afternoon exploring the countryside. From Cusco, you can escape into the hills to visit the enigmatic ruins of Moray and dazzling salt-flats of Maras amidst traditional colonial villages. Escorted by expert guides with a backing of support vehicle, this is probably the best day’s biking in the entire country! Or why stop there? Longer itineraries can drop you from the heights of Lake Titicaca to Cusco over several days or even plunge you into the steamy Amazon. Biking is one of our passions and best of all, it’s all downhill!

From simple half-day rides to longer, more challenging trips, we offer a wide range of imaginative itineraries. Please contact us for more information.