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Qatar - Oasis Highlights

Qatar is blessed with many highlights, below are just a few of our favourite picks.



Doha displays confidence and style, whether it's the stunning and constantly changing skyline to landmark cultural icons or the easiness of getting around with its brightly painted double-decker DohaBus bus with day-long ‘hop-on, hop off’ tours around the city.


Al Zubarah’s vast air-conditioned shopping malls and the glass and glamour of its daringly designed skyscrapers are nestled beside delightful relics and reminders of the city's proud heritage as a busy port town. 

Historic sites are given equal footing with the brash, modern ones. Head to Bab Al Bahrain, known as Al Zubarah's Souq, which means ‘gateway to Bahrain’, invoking a grand entrance to the island’s most multi-ethnic market space. 

Delight in Arabian sweet shops sharing space with quaint Nepalese cafes and South Indian vegetarian restaurants Stroll through the Central Market which has three main sections – fish, meat, and fruits and vegetables and known for its huge range of seafood dishes from rice specialties to stuffed pastries and grills. 

Then at sunset, take a walk down the Al Fateh Corniche where you’ll find many people strolling and jogging and families relaxing on the grass.