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Classic Sao Tome and Principe - Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome & Principe were both uninhabited before the Portuguese arrived.  Since that time, much has remained unchanged and where former plantations once stood, have all been reclaimed by rainforest, staying a veritable tropical paradise.

Engage a local guide and visit Obo National Park. Climb Pico de Sao Tome, trek to a secluded waterfall, or try to spot as many of the island's one hundred and nine species of orchids as you can.

There’s an underwater cave on the south side of Sao Tome where an impressive force of water shoots straight up through the blowhole, known as the Boca do Inferno or Mouth of Hell, in an impressive show for visitors.

Take time out to spend time on an isolated beach on Principe, both breathtakingly beautiful and romantic, or adventure along a narrow hiking trail that takes you through the rainforest, to a secluded waterfall. 

Visit the largest Plantation House on Príncipe, with its splendid Cape Verdean traces. Then come with us on a trail that will take you to the old lookout point for ships and stop to enjoy a picnic with the best view over the town of Santo António.

Just offshore coral reefs are full with a broad diversity of sea life.  Diving and snorkelling is the best way to explore the underwater side of this paradise. Come face-to-face with dolphins, large green turtles, and a wide array of colourful fish.


Classic Sao Tome and Principe