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  • Principe
  • Principe

Sao Tome and Principe - DESTINATIONS & HOTELS


Príncipe, with a port capital in the north, and a vast uninhabited forest in the south, you will discover on your arrival, nature rules here. Santo António, its delightful small capital, and pretty location sits astride a river that empties into a narrow bay, creating an emerald isle accented by fantastic beaches.

Imagine raw phonolite towers of various shapes punching through the forest, forming a crazy skyline, and making the entire island feel like Jurassic Park. Hike the walking trails that will take you back to the origins of Príncipe, or explore the old cacao plantations, some overgrown as the forest reclaims its shape. 

Recognising this natural patrimony, UNESCO made Príncipe a World Biosphere Reserve in 2013.  But there is much more to see.  Visit the fishing village of Praia Abade, then stop to enjoy the panoramic view of Jockey Cap Island. Enjoy the view of Parrot Mountain, visible from the township. We take you for a hike up into the National Park, and we know you'll fall in love with the native birds, orchids of every hue and the many varieties of medicinal plants.  


Principe Hotels

$$$ Roca Sundy Principe

You will find us on the remote, little known and utterly beautiful tropical island of Principe.  This is the smallest of the two islands that make up São Tomé and Principe, Africa’s second smallest...

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$$$ Sundy Praia Principe

Character Boutique, Remote Location

At Sundy Praia, you can lose all sense of time. Awaking to the chatter of forest parrots, you will readjust to nature’s clock, perhaps practising yoga in the morning sun, relaxing on the beach in the...

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$$$$ Bom Bom Resort Principe

Character Boutique, Luxury, Eco-friendly, Remote Location

Set between two beaches of emerald green water and sand bleached golden by the sun and tiny perfect shells, the Bom Bom resort is still a well-kept secret in the tropical forest of the Island of...

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