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Cap Skirring

The twin towns of Cap Skirring and Kabrousse are placed at Senegal’s extreme southwestern edge and along one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the country. 

Set beneath the dramatic escarpment with breath-taking views, the beaches invite you stretching down to turquoise waters, winding its way around the coastline in a sequence of shallow crescent-shaped coves made remarkable by the riotous vegetation climbing the hillsides.

Smaller and calmer the area continues to get quieter as you head down the beach towards Kabrousse, and is very low-key given that it’s only a few kilometres down the road from central Cap’s quad-happy main drag.

 Yes, you’ll see plenty of beach buggies, but you’ll also find family-run eco-camps, lively bars, with great music, and an array of land and seaborne leisure interests on offer, and even if none of these things grabs your attention, there is still that fabulous magical stretch of beach.


Cap Skirring Hotels

$ Akine Dyioni Lodge Cap Skirring


Blending perfectly into its environment and situated right in the middle of the mysterious bush. Hotel Akine Dyioni Eco-Lodge was designed by Anne in 2012 with the talent of the Casamançais craftsmen...

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