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  • Casamance
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  • Casamance



The Casamance region dominated by the river of the same name winds its way through the picturesque and wildlife-rich landscape. You’ll discover the country’s French influence is strong here, engrained in the local cuisine.

There’s plenty of reason to pay a visit,  including the long and deserted white sandy beaches, and excellent birdwatching opportunities. The landscapes are patched with greenery, cooling trade winds help to temper the tropical climate, making it a pleasant place to explore.

Discover endless tracts of spiralling mangrove labyrinths, playing host to rare river dolphins, manatees and dozens of hidden traditional villages. 

Kafountine is the largest fishing village, so take advantage of watching the fishermen bring in the day’s catch.  Both men and women wade into th surf to unload the catch, balancing the crates on their heads to be sold or smoked in the market.

 At certain times of the year, you’ll catch a glimpse of the rice fields harvested by brightly dressed women, walking in line, rhythmically welding small knives to gather their precious harvest.