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Cousine Cousin’s close neighbour, Cousine is situated approximately 6km off the west coast of Praslin and offers an exclusive island experience with complete privacy found in very few other places on earth.

Cousine is a private nature reserve, home to five of the Seychelles endemic birds such as the Seychelles magpie robin and Seychelles brush warbler, as well as a variety of endemic fauna and spectacular marine life.

There are some large specimens of the giant land tortoise wandering the island, which is also a nesting site for the hawksbill turtle.

Cousine was once a coconut plantation but is now home to a superb resort that offers an exceptional experience within a private nature reserve.

With four individual Old French Colonial style villas, exclusivity is the order of the day as a maximum of only ten guests are accommodated at any one time.


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Cousine Island is a private nature reserve in the Seychelles, a wildlife sanctuary that offers you the chance to not only see nature but to live amongst it and to have a true island experience.  The...

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