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Luxury South America Holidays

South America has long been a continent of mystery and intrigue - lost cities and ancient civilisations amongst natural wonders that stretch from the mighty Amazon River to the granite peaks and icefields of Patagonia. Yet, over the last years, the context has changed. Gone are the dark days of South American travel, when only backpackers and hippies flocked to these remote, inhospitable corners. Today, the continent has seen a boom in luxury travel, with sumptuous, 5* hotels and resorts opening the length of the Andes.

Where once stood only hostels, you can now stay in sumptuous colonial palaces such as the Hotel Monasterio in Cusco or award winning design hotels such as the Tierra Patagonia in Chile. Creaking Amazon riverboats have been replaced with floating luxury in the shape of the MV Aqua and MV Aria. You can now navigate the breathtaking Patagonian fjords in total comfort aboard the Australis ships MV Via and MV Stella Australis while for state of the art decadence, look no further than the MV Atmosphere. Here, guests are whisked off to remote bays by jet boat or helicopter to enjoy gourmet cuisine amidst magnificent mountain-scapes. Even trekkers can take advantage of South American luxury. Why hike the Inca trail huddled in tents when you can walk the “Mountain Lodges of Peru” Salkantay route to Machu Picchu and watch sunset over the distant peaks from the warmth of a jacuzzi, wine in hand.

Yet South American luxury travel doesn’t stop there, the continent has seen a huge rise in experiential travel. Join a local cook at the food market before learning the secrets of “novo Andino” cuisine; take samba classes before joining Rio’s riotous Carnival; ride with the Gauchos in Patagonia; blend your own wine in Mendoza. Even Bolivia, the continent’s poorest country has not escaped unscathed, take for instance Uyuni’s vintage Airsteam Camper experience. The options are as rich as your imagination.

Private planes, private safaris, helicopter overflights, heli-skiing, Brazilian beach-houses even private islands, South American Luxury travel has never been healthier. We have scoured South America for the finest hotels and most unique experiences from the affordable to the outrageous. For ideas and inspiration on how to transform your itinerary, please contact us on 1300 720 443.