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Patagonia Travel

Patagonia spans the bottom third of Chile and Argentina, a beautiful and diverse region of mountains, icefields, volcanoes and rugged steppe.  On the Chilean side, the land splinters into a myriad of picturesque islands and glacier-topped fjords while across in Argentina, vast pampa deserts harbour isolated estancias. However, for sheer spectacle, Patagonia starts in the far south. Here, the granite peaks of the Torres del Paine and Mount Fitzroy climb thousands of metres up from the rolling steppe and hold back the advances of the great southern icefield.

For visitors, travelling to Patagonia delivers a heady range of experiences. For wildlife enthusiasts, the remote beaches of Argentina’s Valdes Peninsula teem with elephant seals, penguins and whale-watching encounters. Closer to the Andes, picturesque national parks offers wonderful riding, walking and fishing while the granite and ice of deep Patagonia draw hikers and photographers from far and wide.

We have carefully selected our favourite hotels, cruises and Patagonia travel experiences. Explore the Patagonian fjords aboard the Via - and Stella Australis; immerse yourself in the Torres del Paine at the Tierra Patagonia or Cascada Ecocamp or relax at a traditional estancia such as Huechahue or Peuma Hue. For the adventurous, Patagonia lends itself beautifully to self-drive. Hire a car and venture into the magnificent wilds of Chile’s Carretera Austral or zig-zag your way across spectacular mountain passes to explore the Lake District both sides of the border. Or why not get up close and personal with the glaciers and iconic peaks and hike the trails of Mount Fitzroy?

Whatever your interest, Patagonia is an area close to our hearts at Oasis Travel and we’d be delighted to help you plan your next trip. Please contact us for ideas, inspiration and insight.