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One of the largest towns on Sri Lanka’s south coast, Tangalle and its surrounds are home to some of the country’s most picture perfect beaches. Another reason to head to Tangalle is to witness the Hawksbill turtles which come to shore to lay their eggs between the months of April and September. Rekawa beach, located about 10kms east of Tangalle is the best place to view the turtles, however be prepared for a long wait in the dark, an entrance fee is charged with the money going to the Turtle Conservation project, however a refund is given if no turtles are seen.

Tangalle Hotels

$$$$$ Amanwella Tangalle

Modern Chic, Directors favourites, Luxury

Amanwella is a located on a delightful 800 metre beachfront, near Tangalle. It is set amongst 36 acres of stunning coconut grove, making it the perfect retreat escape after a tour around the island...

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