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Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains National Park is located between 2,100-2,300 metres above sea level in Sri Lanka’s central highlands. The mysterious looking plains are an expanse of misty grassland and are home to "World's End" which is considered to be the finest view in all of Sri Lanka. The awesome escarpment drops vertically for about 4,000 feet, hence its name and on a clear day you can see beyond to the beautiful Bakers falls. Horton Plains is a great place to observe wildlife such as samburs, leopards, bears, monkeys and endemic lizards and is also a bird lovers paradise with sightings of around 20 endemic bird species including the Sri Lankan whistling thrush, orange-billed babbler and yellow-eared bulbul. There is a spectacular loop walk of about 9.5kms that takes in World’s End and Bakers Falls, here at Oasis we recommend an early start to complete the walk as at around 9am a thick mist usually comes down and you won’t see a thing!