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Sudan - Itinerary Ideas

The itineraries below are designed to give you a flavour of what is possible and can be tailor-made to suit your preferences. You may add or take out days and adjust the running order or sightseeing tours to match your interests. Oasis Travel Holidays are always FULLY flexible.

All travel arrangements are on a PRIVATE, individual basis to offer complete freedom of choice and flexibility. You will not be expected to share travel arrangements with other people unless clearly stated otherwise. 



7 Days

Khartoum - Old Dongola - Karima - Jebel Barkal – El Kurru - Nuri - Bayuda Desert - Meroe - Naga - Mussawarat temples

A short tour ideal for individuals with only a few days available who wish to discover the highlights of Sudan in total comfort. Overnights outside Khartoum in exclusive properties in Meroe and Karima.

10 Days

Khartoum - Western Desert - Karima - Jebel Barkal - El Kurru - Old Dongola – Nubian Villages - Bayuda Desert – Meroe

This tour shows all the major archaeological sites of North Sudan. The overnights are in exclusive properties of Karima and Meroe. This arid and wild region of extraordinary archaeological interest and beautiful landscapes.