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  • Makasutu Forest
  • Makasutu Forest
  • Makasutu Forest


Makasutu Forest

Makasutu Culture Forest bunches the country's vast landscapes into a dazzling 1000-hectare package. The setting, comprises vast wetlands, palm groves, mangroves and savannah plains. This amazing ecotourism project is alongside the mangrove-lined Mandina Creek, making Makasutu Cultural Forest the best known for regular day trips to observe plentiful animals, including baboons, monitor lizards and hundreds of bird species.

Let us take you for a day out in the forest you will never forget. Either hire a pirogue, enjoy one of our guided walks through the habitats, or visit a crafts centres especially for families seeking a taste of nature away from the beaches and without the hassle of braving the up-country roads.


Makasutu Forest Hotels

$$$ Mandina Lodges Makasutu Forest

Eco-friendly, Remote Location

For peace and tranquillity in the heart of the African bush, the beautiful riverside Mandina Lodges at Makasutu Forest offers an unforgettable experience in the wilderness. Here, you can discover the...

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