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Classic Togo - Togo

Koutammakou is the area of the semi-mountainous country in the northeast of Togo along the border with Benin. Inhabited by the Batammariba people whose culture, revolves around tall, mud towers, is a unique and extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Site, remaining the foremost must-see destination and then if you get the chance, dance with the Taberma peoples. 

In Lome, Immerse yourself in Voodoo culture and tradition and stroll through the world’s largest Voodoo market. 

Experience the La Maison des Exclaves. A house built especially for the purpose of illegal operating slave trade. Consider a walking butterfly safari at Mt Kloto and hike to the summit to enjoy a panoramic 360° view of the region. Sail across Lake Togo on a Pirogue to Togoville to gain some historical perspective, then scale the sacred baobab tree, a unique experience we know you won’t forget.