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  • Lake Togo
  • Lake Togo


Lake Togo

Lake Togo is the broadest measure of an inland lagoon connected to the sea in the the southernmost part of this small Republic

Set sail across LakeTogo in a pirogue, a  traditional dugout canoe) to Togoville, the centre of the local voodoo cult, where in contrast the ancient German cathedral dominates the town.

The lake separated by a narrow coastal strip, from the Gulf of Guinea, is shallow in parts, enough to enjoy watersports and is an area of avian significance. Lake Togo offers one of the best places to observe bird nesting locations. The lake, its wetlands, lagoons and pristine coastal sands provide distinctive resting places for migrant water birds.

Enjoy a guided tour of the village, and get a taste of Togolese rural life. Take a picnic lunch to the coast at Agbodrafo village, and be surprised by a  visit to the La Maison des Esclaves or a Wood Home. This house built for the illegal slave trade kept its captives in a cellar beneath the house, then shipped off onto waiting boats.