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Carthage is built one of the most beautiful sites on the Mediterranean. Be fascinated by the bay’s turquoise reflections, white houses encircled by cypress trees, and in the distant the silhouette of Mount Boukornine immovable in the haze. 

Discover fragments of history in the streets of modern Carthage, and pause among the remains of Saint Cyprien’s basilica overlooking the sea. Admire the Carthaginian houses in the Magon quarter, and over the Punic ports where serenity reigns. 

Here is an authentic culinary tradition. Taste, the Kabkabou, a delicacy, where the Fish, is stewed with olives and preserved lemon, and Tunisian tajine. A thick gastronomic omelette filled with vegetables and cheese.


Carthage Hotels

$$$ Villa Didon Carthage

Anchored on the hill of Carthage, in mythology experienced daily in the heart of the archaeological park, Villa Didon opens its new destiny. Hotel mythical, reborn to new life in a thoroughly modern...

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