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Douz offers one of the gentlest ways to approach the desert. Cordons of dunes and elegant palm trees fringe the roads the sand slowly reclaims. This golden vastness of the desert is here, at hand, while the palm groves offer pleasant places to rest in the forests of date palms. 

We will take you on a guided tour, on foot or camel if you prefer to watch the setting sun glide down behind the dunes. The Chott El-Jerid stretches out, its shimmering surface forms strange mirages. This ancient internal sea, mostly dried out, is crossed by a paved road. 

Between these two great deserts of sand and salt – lie the villages of Sabria, Nouil, and El Faouar.

If its hiking your after, Ksar Ghilane marks the boundary between sandy and stony desert. You can delight in thermal springs here and shelter from the hot sun under the tamarind trees swarming with birdlife.  

Share everyday food with Berber nomads. You’ll watch how they cook their famous desert bread in the hot sand under a bed of ashes and embers and enjoy robust red tea in tiny sips


Douz Hotels

$ Mehari Douz Douz

Welcome to the world of adventure at the hotel Mehari Douz, on the edge of the great dune desert of Ofra. Exceptional days of adventure await you with the sublime colours of a sunset, the sensation...

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