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Tozeur emerges from the desert, nestled against a vast oasis of hundreds of palm trees. It surprises, fascinates and plunges into the scenery only a few hours from Europe.

The burning light of the great south pours into the avenues of the city. She wends her way through narrow alleys of the old neighbourhoods and between the high facades of blond bricks, gives the appearance of the ochre colour of the desert.

 These, arranged in relief, form complicated designs of lozenges and chevrons. The small town of Nefta is distinguished from its neighbour by its rich Sufi tradition; it is punctuated by many cupolas indicating sanctuaries and tombs of saints.

 It dominates a palm grove that is like an armful of flowers, at the bottom of a bowl called the Basket.

Tozeur is considered the date capital. Savour the different varieties, from the sweet and red allig to the translucent and creamy deglet nour. Try rfiss, the date dumplings seasoned with just a hint of salted butter

Tozeur Hotels

$$ Diar Abouhabibi Tozeur

Diar Abouhabibi offers an unforgettable stay in Lodges immersed in the heart of nature and an exceptional culture. Built in a palm grove of one hectare, the lodges are built entirely of wood and...

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