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  • Sinop
  • Sinop
  • Sinop



Sinop one of the most beautiful harbours on Turkey's Black Sea coast as evidenced by civilisation dating back to 4500 BC, is also the birthplace of the third-century BC philosopher, Diogenes the Cynic. 

The Sinop Citadel and the foundations of the temple dedicated to Serapis are dated from that period. After the Miletians, came rulers such as the Romans, Phrygians, Persians Byzantines, and Seljuks, and from 1461, the Ottomans dominated the area.

In a mirror to the past, Sinop's Archaeology Museum has several exhibits of beautiful golden icons, and the 18th century Aslan Torunlar Mansion Museum displays ethnographical artefacts.

Besides excellent restaurants along the charming fisherman's wharf, brightly coloured boats are seen bobbing tranquilly in the water complementing this picturesque setting.