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Mardin’s timeless poetic city was created by the delicate spirit of the mason’s hands that gave form to its stones. The golden stone houses are masterfully and elegantly built on the steep slopes, achieving an extraordinary harmony between climate, geography and architecture.  

Civilisations of thousands of years are reflected in the staircase streets, small squares and the traditional dwellings of the city.


Mardin Hotels

$$$ Mardius Hotel Mardin

Mardius is one of the ancient names of Mardin, the city was named after a Sassanian commander who had improved the city during the Sassanian period.   It is believed that the Mardius Historical Villa...

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$$$ Maridin Hotel Mardin

This marvellous stone-made mansion featuring traditional architecture offers a terrace with panoramic Mesopotamia and Mardin views. A Turkish bath, sauna and a cold water pool in a cave are available...

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