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In the north of Tekirdağ, Edirne-Adrianople on the border between Greece and Turkey was for some years the Ottoman capital.

In the 18th century, it was considered one of the seven most important cities in Europe. Set on a grassy plain of poplar trees near where the rivers of the Tunca and Meriç meet, this graceful, historic city welcomes visitors as they make their way to İstanbul and other points east.

The people of Edirne can trace their origins back to the rule of the Macedonians when Emperor Hadrian rebuilt the city and renamed it Hadrianople after himself, naturally.

When the Roman Empire divided, the Byzantines lay claim to Edirne and in 1361, Sultan Murat I added it to his empire, becoming the capital of the Ottoman Empire for almost 100 years, and this accounts for its many historically and architecturally significant buildings.