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From the beauty of the desert to the fantastic light of the sun, facing the ocean, and bordered by vast beaches of about ten kilometres, Dakhla is considered a living paradise all year round. 

The city is known for its tourist attractions and ranked at the forefront of water sports spots on a world scale, The region, is appreciated for the mild climate and a perfect blend of sea and desert, welcoming thousands of camping-caravans from all over Europe.

 Ideal place for Kitesurfers, Windsurfers and Surfers, the beach welcomes you to the edge of a beautiful lagoon stretching out into the desert for 40 km. A subtle mix of temperate weather all year long, combined with windy days will allow you to live your passion. Waves with pure lines of extraordinary length, winding along the sand point and with the wind, coming offshore makes the sea glassy and endless.

It is a city where desert and the sea form an impressive setting deserving to be visited during all seasons of the year.