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  • Kasanka National Park
  • Kasanka National Park
  • Kasanka National Park


Kasanka National Park

Situated on the southwestern edge of the Lake Bangweulu basin, this park is a peaceful sanctuary and one of Zambia’s smallest national parks. With only 450 km2 Kasanka is well endowed with rivers, lakes, wetlands, forests, lagoons, meadows and dambos supporting a uniquely broad range of animals and abundant birds and fish.

Do not expect to see large herds of animals around every corner, but you will appreciate it is one of the most picturesque parks in Zambia with superb birdlife Here there are some of the rarest birds and animals in the country, found in the beautiful miombo woodlands, swamp forest, grasslands, floodplains and riverine bushveld, to be enjoyed on leisurely walks and drives. There are also ample opportunities for fishing tiger fish, bream and barbel in the beautiful Luwombwa River.


Kasanka National Park Hotels

$$ Wasa Lodge Kasanka National Park

Remote Location

Wasa Lodge is located near the airstrip and is the closest accommodation to Maluashi Gate. It is also situated in an area of the park that offers great viewing of puku, hippo, sitatunga and of course...

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