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Sixty-four kilometres west of Ndola is Kitwe, is the hub of the Copperbelt and the principal industrial and commercial centre of the area. The city owes its existence to the copper mining industry, but a considerable number of secondary industries have been established. 

Largely undeveloped as a tourist town, due to the focus on mining and industry, Kitwe is blessed with beautiful scenery and two large rivers within its boundaries. 

Walk down Obote Ave, and you’ll find the market place where there is a fairly large curio stall selling a wide variety of copper items and other Zambian arts and crafts. 

Visit Makwera Falls and the Lake central for fish farming. The Falls are small but picturesque as they tumble from a small river over an extensive rocky outcrop before settling into a shimmering pool on the rock basement. If you’re interested in mining, it is possible to visit the mines and take a tour down one of the shafts.


Kitwe Hotels

$$ Shamba Lodge Kitwe

This luxury lodge also features spectacular pottery designed by renowned artists. The interior décor reflects an entirely pan-African theme featuring art and inspiration from several regions in...

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