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  • North Luangwa National Park


North Luangwa National Park

The beauty of visiting this Park is the remarkable opportunities to experience Africa as it was. It is wild and untouched, and you are simply an unobtrusive witness to its natural beauty and drama. T

This remote tract of land offers one of the most beautiful wilderness experiences in Zambia, if not Africa itself. There are no permanent lodges there; access is with one of the safari operators granted permission to conduct walking safaris. There are very few roads, and you are unlikely to see anyone else for the duration of your trip. Like the South Park, it lies on the western bank of the Luangwa River bordered on the other side by the dramatic Muchinga Escarpment which rises over 1000 meters from the valley floor. Its hazy outline can be seen from the Luangwa River.


North Luangwa National Park Hotels

$$$ Mwaleshi Camp North Luangwa National Park

Mwaleshi Camp, located in the vast wilderness of North Luangwa National Park, is a 45-minute flight from Mfuwe Airport. Hidden within a scenic bend of the Mwaleshi River 10km upstream of the...

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