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Nsumbu National Park

Lying on the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika in the Northern most tip of Zambia, Nsumbu covers an area of just over 2000 square kilometres and includes some of the most pristine shores of this vast Lake. Its beauty ranges from sandy beaches, vertical cliffs, rocky coves and natural bays to the rugged hills and deep valleys of the interior. 

Although dissected from west to east by the sizeable and perennial Lufubu River, it also demarcates the eastern boundary of the Park up to the river’s discharge into Lake Tanganyika.

 Nkamba and Chisala Rivers are ephemeral and smaller than the Lufubu, they drain into the  Tondwa Swamps of Nkamba and Sumbu Bays, the former running through an attractive valley with abundant wildlife. Much of the park is covered by combretum thicket, but along the lakeshore, there are many strangler figs and candelabra trees along with the strange and exciting boulders balanced on top of one another.