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Liuwa Plain National Park

This remote park in the far west of the country is one of pristine wilderness. For the ardent bush-lover, the rewards are great indeed.

The Park’s game is spread out across the plains but to come upon a vast herd of blue wildebeest, a prowling wild dog, or pride of dozing lions in this forgotten piece of Africa is especially fitting because of its completely natural state.

The birdlife is abundant here and the very dramatic storms and lightning rising on the horizon, contrasting with the green and gold grasslands, create spectacular views and fantastic photographic opportunities.

 August to December, is the best time to visit. Particularly in November as the rainy season begins, dramatic cloud formations erupt as the storms build, creating spectacular skylines and with the onset of rains, carpets of flowers explode around the pans. This is also the time when large herds of blue wildebeest migrate across the plains from neighbouring Angola.